Noga Gressel MFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


PHONE  925.685.9463  ext. 9


In my practice I use creative methods such as sand tray, art therapy and play therapy to work with children who are struggling with life’s issues. I offer them the space and the opportunity to use their creativity to express themselves and to work through anger, fear, sadness and other feelings.


I also work with parents on parenting issues and other problems that may arise as a result of having a child with special emotional needs. This also includes working with divorced parents, who want assistance to ease the burden on their children that separate households and blended families can sometimes create.


Another area of my work is with parents and children who are in the process of adoption.  As the family is adopting and adapting to the child the child is also adjusting and “adopting” the family. This is an important and meaningful process that often needs special attention.


I work with adults who are going through life’s transitions and are looking to understand and define themselves as they age and their roles change. My expertise in sand tray work is offered to adults as well. This is a powerful tool that can help people access and express emotions non-verbally.

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