Juliette Kelley LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

PHONE  925.325.1427

EMAIL   jkelleylcsw@gmail.com

My approach is open and collaborative with an emphasis on developing ways to address issues for long term success. For the best results, therapy is a commitment on the part of both client and therapist. Often times, clients bring an outstanding issue or behavior they want to change and find that it is connected to many other areas of their lives. Together, we can do the work that will change a lifetime.

I specialize in two areas - those individuals struggling with critical or traumatic incidents and those experiencing grief and loss. I have have worked with many first responders including law enforcement, fire fighters, EMT professionals and physicians to make sense of their lives after catastrophic incidents.

I bring over twenty years of experience in a variety of settings to my work including both public and private settings as well as acute and non-acute work.