Josh Gressel PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Certified Imago Relationship Therapist


PHONE  925.685.9463  ext. 7



Trying to choose the right therapist is a daunting challenge, especially in the Bay area, where there are so many excellent therapists from which to choose.

When deciding between people of like skills, it makes most sense to look for ďrightness of fit.Ē  That is, which therapist has the passion and expertise most in sync with where you most need to grow?  This brief introduction is intended to help you start to decide if Iím that person for you.  For more in-depth information, please check out my website:

Over the 27+ years Iíve been in practice, my work has become more and more distilled into fewer and fewer areas of specialization.  I now primarily focus on:  (1) working with couples from a spiritual perspective, (2) working with religious adults on their psychological issues so they can worship God more fully, and (3) helping people turn their work into their vocation.

This is not to say I donít deal with depression, anxiety, substance abuse or any of the other symptoms which arise when we donít lead lives in alignment with our true nature.  But I find I work best with those clients who are seeking to understand the meaning behind their struggles, whether it be with their partner, their job, or their lives in general.   I believe some struggle in life is inevitable, but if we can find the meaning life becomes an adventure to be lived rather than something unfair to be endured.

I use a variety of tools to help clients besides traditional ďtalk therapy.Ē  With couples, the primary method is called ďImago therapy.Ē  With both couples and individuals, I also use sand play therapy.  Whatever Iím doing, my basic stance is that you are innately healthy, and by helping you connect to that you will automatically and naturally grow into a fuller, richer and more complex version of yourself.

I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation for anyone considering my services.  I recommend a four-session trial period for anyone beginning work with me.  I donít think you can decide on a therapist in one session.  At the end of four sessions, you should have a pretty good idea if itís a good fit. 

For individuals or couples in remote locations or with impossible schedules, I also offer therapy via Skype.